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Hello, I’m Dave.

I help PMs and Designers build world-class software.

I have over 18 years of experience working in tech. I have been a Player/Coach at six tech startups and counting. As a Product and Design leader I have a strong expertise in user experience design and product strategy.  I’ve also assembled Product and Design teams from scratch. I’ve worked at both B2B and B2C companies. I’ve built many products spanning all the way from the CRM, Sales, and Marketing space to more technical APIs/Developer Tools.


✔  Product Road Mapping  ✔  Market Analysis ✔  Team Management   Product Led Growth (PLG)
✔  Product Vision  ✔  Customer Research  ✔  Individual Contributor  ✔  Agile Software Development
✔  Design Discovery ✔  GTM Business Strategy  ✔  Data-Driven Decisions ✔  OKR and KPI Planning


Blog Posts:

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Dave is curious and thoughtful in his execution and is excellent at functioning within a hybrid design and product management role. He seeks continuous improvement in the product, moves quickly, creates high-fidelity mockups, listens to feedback from internal and external customers, then factors in any technical strengths and/or limitations for the next iteration. He always seeks to understand the company’s objectives and aligns his product processes toward the common mission.

Chris HarrisonCEO

Dave is a thoughtful and resourceful product leader. He and I worked together closely for two years coordinating the product and engineering teams at Yesware. In that time, he was a trusted resource for long range project planning as well as more tactical decisions.

Dave embodies the Agile principles of building a minimally viable product and iteratively improving on it through user feedback. His design background really shows through in his approach to product - knowing when a fully-polished UI/UX is needed and when it's better to get something simpler in the hands of customers. He excels at competitor research, and can define and defend product roadmaps.

Mark KostickVP of Engineering

Dave and I were members of the executive team collaborating on a frequent basis. I was consistently impressed with Dave's ability to balance the needs of the customer & the business. Dave is a strong product leader, who builds a strong customer-centric team. Dave's a natural coach, mentoring new teammates. He has the ability to see big picture, but also roll up his sleeves and get into weeds with his team. Dave is a strong people manager who cares and advocates for his team.

As a product leader, Dave is great at building the why and thinking through the customer use case. Dave is able to identify what is needed to go to market and then build upon that based on customer and internal feedback. Dave is a strong collaborator and worked well with our Success, Sales, and Support divisions. He understands the customer and the impact that the product has on the user.

Jackie WilliamsVP of Customer Success

Dave was the VP of Product while I was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Yesware. We worked very closely together for 2+ years. Dave excels at synthesizing the firehose of product feedback from sales and customer success into a cohesive product roadmap that meets clients needs and established a vision prospective customers believe in. He was able to systematically advance our product from quarter to quarter, while giving sales and marketing space to provide feedback throughout the development cycle. It was a pleasure working with Dave and he became a good friend of mine over the years.

Ian AdamsVP of Sales and Marketing

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Dave Stadler at Yesware, where he brought me on board as a Senior Product Manager. From the start, Dave exemplified what it means to be a servant leader in every sense of the word. Empowering his team and happily rolling up his sleeves to get the job done no matter what. He has this unique leadership style that combines freedom and direction in just the right balance, encouraging the team to pursue our ideas with confidence.

Dave’s exceptional listening skills and his role as a steadfast advocate for his team truly set him apart. He strove to make everyone feel heard and valued, fostering an environment where all voices contribute to the evolution of our product. He has a keen product sense honed by his decades of startup experience; Dave intuitively knows how to navigate the complex product landscape, ensuring we maintained agility and got to market swiftly to learn and adapt. Dave’s curiosity and eagerness to learn are infectious, making him not just an exceptional leader but also a constant source of inspiration.

What impressed me most about Dave, though, is his genuine respect for everyone, regardless of their role or level within the company. He treats each person with kindness and dignity, creating a culture of mutual respect and collaboration that drove our team forward.

To anyone fortunate enough to work with Dave in the future, you’re in for a rewarding journey. Dave doesn’t just lead teams; he builds communities of passionate, innovative thinkers who feel empowered to be the best versions of themselves.

Paul CarolloSenior Product Manager

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dave as the lead designer for numerous complex projects. His approachable demeanor and openness to ideas make him incredibly easy to collaborate with. He possesses a real skill for creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone's contributions are heard.

Dave was an invaluable leader to our team, particularly during times of uncertainty. He has a remarkable ability to provide solidarity and guidance, instilling confidence and motivation even in the face of challenges. His decisive actions and clear communication were instrumental in navigating through some tough situations.

Overall, Dave's combination of exceptional communication, collaboration, and leadership skills make him an invaluable asset to any team. It has been a privilege to work alongside him, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any role where these qualities are valued.

Loni SiegersLead Designer